The beauty of digital marketing lies in its ever-changing functionality. The power of digital marketing lies in how its adaptive nature is inseparably and forever married to data & analytics. Trends, user behaviors, devices—these may (and do) change on a month-to-month, week-to-week, or even day-to-day basis, but skilled and savvy marketers can always capitalize on this fluid dynamic and monitor the results in real, tangible ways.


The Challenge.

Ryan Homes is one of the nation’s most revered homebuilders and has been one of HZ’s clients for 4 years. In 2014, they approached HZ with a new challenge: convert web traffic into high-value leads.

In other words:


Facebook has been the cornerstone of social media marketing for over a decade. Though it began as a near-free alternative to traditional marketing, it has since become a powerful media channel. This has been a deterrent for brands that fail to see the ultimate potential at their fingertips, but an opportunity for skilled marketers who know how to leverage Facebook’s tools to their advantage. At HZ, we know that our clients like to hear words like “opportunity,” but what they really love to hear are words like “revenue.”

With specialized departments dedicated to every facet of digital marketing, we’re poised to maximize our clients’ ROI at every possible touch point. After all, how many agencies can lay claim to selling a house on social media? How many can lay claim to selling almost 20? Ryan Homes is one of the nation’s most revered homebuilders and has been one of HZ’s clients for 4 years.



The Solution.

With a budget of just $15,000 we initiated a 3-month Facebook campaign that delivered valuable content to users at various stages in the home buying process. We segmented our audience into three groups, meticulously targeting to ensure the right people were being delivered the right content at the right time.



The Results.

In just 3 months, these facebook ads yielded 58 scheduled appointments, of which 35 were ultimately engaged and 19 homes were sold. A majority of these appointments were made after users interacted with other HZ-led digital marketing efforts, including paid and organic search, promoted savings, and homeowner tips.